Concept Video show Google Glass as Targeting Display

Concept Video show Google Glass as Targeting Display

Google as targeting Display

Google Glass one of the cool innovations ever made, but critics say it doesn’t have much practical use , but new concept video shows how this deviceĀ  can be used for law enforcement and the military operations.

Tacking point a maker of precision-guided firearms, created a concept video that will illustrate how Google Glass would give a safer point to aim and fire.

The company android and iOS app has ability to ability to send live image from network tracking scope to WiFi enabled devices such as smartphone table and wearable device such as Google glass.

However the company spokesperson said that :Currently they don’t have any apps for Google Glass . This technology can be used be any wearable devices such as Goggles,etc .However the eye wear would be best for this purpose”.

Let have a look at how shot views works in real life with an iPad.

It would be interesting to see how these technology evolve in coming days,if this technology is useful and can be used in practical life,then there is no doubt that it will save many lives.